Renowned for its delectable and various dishes, Morocco was classified second in the 2017 ranking of the best gourmand’s global destinations, according to the British blog Worldsim Travel. The kingdom offers to its visitors an exceptional culinary experience. Marrakech, Fez, Agadir and Rabat are among the most tempting culinary destinations. More than 15 Moroccan restaurants are amongst the 1000 best restaurants worldwide, according to« La Liste ». Enjoy the best Moroccan culinary delights has to offer to you : Mint tea, Tajine, Couscous, or Pastilla, are awaiting for you !.

Scrumptious and tasty dishes

Usually served at the beginning of meals, Moroccan starters are presented as an accompaniment to main dishes. They vary from one region to another, but generally consist of a Moroccan salad of either raw or cooked vegetables, Briouates stuffed with chicken or minced meat, a ratatouille of peppers and tomatoes – the so-called Tektouta – and the famous Zaâlouk which is an eggplant puree. Each recipe has a special seasoning, and brings out its own flavour and colour.

entrees marocaines
Le tajine


 Amongst the most sought-after dishes in Morocco is Tajine.Withavery

particular cooking method and multiple versions,this dish never ceases

to delight the most demanding gourmets!Food such as fish,chicken,

meat,vegetables,and sometimes nuts,plums and apricots,are steamed

withabit of spices that enhances its flavour.=



Steming from the Amazigh tradition,couscous isastaple dish of Morocco!

Served in all homes and restaurants,this super versatile and convivial

dish is traditionnally eaton on Fridays.Depending on the region,it’s either

served with meat,vegetables,fish or chicken,and sometimes sweets.It’s

often served withavegetable broth”marqa”to enhance its flavors


Le couscous
La pastilla


Served in puff pastry form,the pastilla is either filled with fish,chicken,

pigeon,or with almond.This finger licking pastry is light and subtle

perfectly made for sweet and savoury lovers.


Traditionally prepared with lamb or veal inaterracotta jar,Tanjia is the

staple dish of Marrakech.Long hours are necessary for its cooking,which

is done in the local oven.The so tender and flavoursome meat is delights

the most discerning gourmets.

La Harira


Atypical Moroccan soup known for its nutritious formula which is

composed ofasubtle mixture between pulses,tomatoes,pasta and flour.

It’s traditionnally eaten during the month of Ramadan,and it’s served in

most restaurants.

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