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Ramadan and the Eid’s

Preparing for the major Islamic holidays of Ramadan and Eid can feel overwhelming – especially if you’re new to it like I was. On this page you’ll find all of my posts about each of the celebrations. From iftar recipes to my general feelings on fasting plus Eid al Adha celebrations and recipes – there’s a little bit of everything. I usually share a few new posts each year around the holidays as well so keep a look out for new material each year.

Ramadan Iftar

International Recipes for Ramadan

planning an eid party

Eid Celebrations

There are two Eid celebrations each year; Eid al Fitr and Eid al Adha. The first comes right after the end of Ramadan, the other 40 days after the end of Ramadan. These are the two major celebrations in the Islamic calendar.

Celebrating Eid the Moroccan way!

Tips for Planning an Eid al Adha Party

Creative Gift Ideas for Adults and Kids This Eid

Hrbil: Moroccan Cracked Wheat Eid Breakfast

Spiced Moroccan Rack of Lamb

Ka’ab Gazelle Cookies

Mimouna, Passover, and Hanukkah

Yes, these Jewish holidays are Moroccan too. There are many, many Moroccan Jews all around the world. Mimouna is a special holiday that is only celebrated by Moroccan Jews. It’s story and celebration is very unique. The other major holidays are also celebrated.

Mimouna: A Moroccan Passover Celebration

Moroccan Passover Recipes

Mimouna Ideas and Inspiration

Moroccan Hanukkah Traditions

Moroccan Haroset Balls for Passover

Chicken Stuffed with Matzo and Almonds

Moroccan Sfinge

Slow Cooker Dafina

Fish Chraime

Moroccan Style Challah Bread

Halwa Simsim

Orange and Olive Salad with Argan Dressing

How to Make Moroccan Jewish Moufleta

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